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ensure process quality

Washing solutions for process industry

We design and manufacture reliable washing solutions for the pulp and paper industry and other process industries based on more than 40 years of experience.

Customized showerpipes, washing units, and nozzles complete with auxiliary equipment and operating during the cycle constitute an economically significant part of the process. They directly influence the quality of the customer’s product, prolong the service life of screens/felts, reduce production downtime, and optimise water consumption.

We offer comprehensive solutions covering everything from problem solving to equipment design and manufacture, as well as installation and maintenance.

  • Showerpipes

    High-pressure and low-pressure showerpipes, tailored solutions.

  • Nozzles

    Nozzles for all needs of the paper and pulp industry.

  • Tank washer units

    The best way for preventing contamination of process surfaces with mucilage and bacterial growth.

  • Oscillators

    Our range includes electromechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic oscillators.

  • Automatic brush unit

    For automatic timed internal cleaning of showerpipe and its nozzle during the cycle.