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Survey is machine-specific analysis during both uptime and downtime, the purpose of which is to optimise washing results and minimise needless water consumption.

Survey is carried out in the extent requested by the customer, from problem solving to cycle optimisation.


In addition to manufacturing almost all components necessary for our own products, we also manufacture various products and tools of stainless steel for customers in various industries by way of subcontracting.


Our modern, high-quality lathes provide for quick manufacture and dimensional accuracy of products.

  • + Mori Seiki zt1000y
  • + Daewoo Puma 230MS
  • + Colchester Combi K2


We service and repair the equipment we manufacture and sell at our workshop, but if the equipment cannot be moved or the service/repair is truly urgent, we are also prepared to make site visits.


If a showerpipe is mechanically in a functional condition, but many nozzles are blocked and covered by deposits, you can send the pipe to us. We will service the pipe and replace the old/worn parts with new ones, thereby ensuring functionality of the pipe for many years to come. In case of more extensive repairs/modification, a replacement pipe can be manufactured for the duration of the repair period.


We service in our facilities all the oscillators we sell. We offer original and functional spare parts for all of our products, thereby ensuring trouble-free functioning of the products.

Other products and equipment

All of the products we sell are repairable and serviceable – whenever there is a problem, contact us without hesitation.